Seamless Representation

Government Affairs and Media Relations

Patricia Lynch Associates is one of the top government relations firms in Albany, with a diverse client base encompassing multinational corporations and Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller local groups and nonprofit entities.

No other firm can offer what PLA does - a mix of political acumen, media savvy and government expertise that works in unison to enhance your standing and achieve your objectives. Because of our unparalleled knowledge of the workings of state and local government and our extensive media relations expertise, PLA is uniquely positioned to develop and implement the most effective strategies to advance your issue or cause.

PLA's bipartisan team has a total of over 200 years of experience within the New York State Legislature, the Executive Chamber and state, federal and local governments and agencies - experience that is used to your advantage.

Whether you are a privately held company, a government agency, public corporation or nonprofit entity, PLA can assist you in meeting the challenges posed by public policy changes and legislative or regulatory action.